How it works

The SmartFuse System incorporates the CAGE, ECaP and CLOUD which are wirelessly integrated to work together to create the SmartFuse System for lumbar spinal fusion

The SmartFuse Cage

The PEEK and titanium implant uses hermetically sealed electronics and an array of electrodes to accelerate, control, and measure bone growth.  The CAGE was designed to be implanted with standard surgical procedures.

The SmartFuse ECaP

The External Control and Power module (ECaP) is a cloud-connected medical wearable that wirelessly powers and communicates with the CAGE.  The ECaP is the “control center” for the SmartFuse System; activating and controlling the CAGE while simultaneously collecting and transmitting data to the SmartFuse CLOUD.  During use, the ECaP is designed  to be comfortably worn by the patient in a corset which places the ECaP in close proximity to the CAGE to enable wireless control and power.

The SmartFuse CLOUD

The SmartFuse CLOUD links the physician and the patient to the SmartFuse System via the Physician PORTAL and the Patient APP.  The SmartFuse CLOUD enables the Physician to remotely monitor patient compliance, system status, and measurements of bone growth; thus providing important data to support real-time clinical decision making.  The SmartFuse Patient APP is a wellness product that supports compliance coaching and tracking.